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squuz. >> good evening everyone. i'm carolyn in for dan. we start tonight with the death of 2 marines in afghanistan. taliban attackers believe to have breached the perimeter danieling buildings hangar and aircraft. this is the base in the province in southern
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afghanistan in addition to the 2 marines killed, officials say the attack also wounded several other troops. this is the camp where prince harry is on the second tour of duty undergoing training to fly apache helicopters. we understand today attack was on the other side of the camp. some distance from where the prince is based. now to our other top story tonight. protest around the world against anti-muslim video produced in the united states. 24 hours ago demonstration took place in 5 country around the globe. tonight in more than 30 countries. sparking protest movie clip on you tube critical of islam. google is reject ago white house request to keep the trailer on line on you tube. the administration asked going toll examine whether clip violated the site term of service google says the video is within its guide lanes. in the mean time somber homecoming today for those 4 americans killed in libya. shawn smith.
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glen doherty. tyrone woods and u.s. ambassador chris stevens. casket met by grieving family along with president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton. more tonight from martha. >> if up late at tonight you you have undoubtedly seen one of these. >> super snack. >> we apologize we will try to get that piece by martha in for you in just a moment. >> president obama today called the leaders of will i objectia, egypt and yemen asking them to ensure the country security in police to protect americans. he notified congress he was sending combat equip marines to protect american interest. situation is still unstable there. we are on the ground in cairo. >> in cairo today the u.s. embassy under siege. running battle between protestor hurling rock and security force firing back tear gas an water canon. using a create wall to
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defend the embassy. what is it you want. >> promise from american government that will not happen next year or any other year any more. all government stop disrespecting muslims. stop disrespecting our religion. >> it is fury if you would by that on license movie mocking prophet mohammad. we have crowds gather. carrying islamic declaration of faith. there is no good but al a and mohammad the prophet. today the protest spread across the globe and stormed the u.s. embassy before being stopped. this after setting the german headquarters on fire. black smom big 0after protestors attacked it. demonstrators killed. in yemen the crowd charged the embassy and was disbursed by police. 50 u.s. may residence are now on their which to secure it n.lebanon crowds torched another symbol of america. kfc restaurant and
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broke the windy of hardy. all this just as the pope arrived to the region spread ago message of peace and tolerance. back here in cairo it is clear the voice could have been wors worse. after president obama called egypt new leader, he reversed course and your honor the protestors to hold off saying it's required by our religion to protect our guests and their homes in places of work. so i call on all consider this. consider the law and not attack embassy. not all protest trors listening to the president call for calm. tonight near the u.s. embassy 3 battles rage on. cairo. >> here in the bay area cal train tonight confirming the passengers had to jump out of the way of express train to avoid getting hit. incident happened august 2nd at south san francisco. cal train told the san jose mercury news the passengers were getting off the train stopped at the station. they legally walked across the track in order to reach a parking lot that's when a baby
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bullet train came down the opposite track at 76 miles an hour. the engineer hit the emergency brake slowing the train but it did not stop until it had passed through the station. passengers had to jump out of the way. it's not clear if the operator of the passenger train was supposed to wait before letting the passengers exit. in the mean time he has tested positive for mayor 1. both operators are veteran employee. they are on paid administrative leave tonight. >> alameda base coast guard cutter seized more than 4 tons of cocaine with street value of 50 million dollars. the cutter morgan arrived in san diego today. 22 suspected smuggler now in custody. 4 tons of cocaine hauled during 5 separate drug seizure. the bust took place in the eastern pacific including off the coast of panama. something civil rights activist have been concerned about. federal agents monitoring the occupy movement protestors turns out to be true. fbi has released some records of surveillance but far
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from all of them. here's more from our news reporter. >>reporter: newly laid thought outside city hall carefully tended to part of the effort to repair ogawa plaza and on the sidewalk a group of artist with chalk illustration commemorat commemorating one year app divorce ri of the occupy movement. since the demonstration began the aclu of northern california has been concerned with how the fbi monitored occupy. >> sought fbi proud an initial set of documents. gave us a whopping 13 pages which were relatively unexceptional. >> according to the pages that were released the fbi was mostly concerned with mass demonstrations that targeted the port of oakland and oakland international airport. >> it's understandable that law enforcement agency want to keep be awhich are of planned civil disobedience. rae response has to be commensurate and appropriate. >>reporter: but the fbi is not rae leasing 24 other pages about monitoring occupy
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oakland. the agency cites the safety of confidential informant and national security reasons. >> we are very curious about the information that the fbi has withheld and we are very troubled by the justification that it ace national security issue. >> the fbi did not comment on camera instead it issued a brief statement that read ins part fbi abides by strict guide lanes set forth by the u.s. attorney general. spokesperson referred me to field guide that spells out the agency ability to monitor any effort at shutting down shipping port or airport. one member of occupy oakland tells me she's not surprised to hear the group has been monitored by federal agents. >> there is always government surveillance of movement and historically that's what is going on. there's a constant repression of people trying to push back against the status quo against the way things are. >>reporter: according to the document the fbi would not directly engage with the oakland occupy group. instead
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what they would do is dispatch information to local police agency and to security details at the open international airport and the port of oakland. in oakland, abc 7 news. staying in oakland in the neighborhood just south of lake merit celebration about new plan to battle prostitution putting john on notice. wayne has more. >>reporter: now days this is the only resident at the national lodge on international boulevard in oakland. not so friendly dog with bark and willingness to beat. that's major improvement in the opinion of opinion who live and work around here. >> with the closure of the hotel it's going to lower the prostitution in our area and hopefully we won't be seeing them as much. >>reporter: immanuel a daughter in fourth grid then having to explain prostitution to her. >> we let them know they are a victim. >>reporter: for 2 decades the name international boulevard has become synonymous with the oldest profession and for 2
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decades police politician and neighborhood activist like nelson fought against it. >> right now i'm mostly concerned about the ritz of the people who live in the neighborhood to walk their children to school in a safe family friendly environment where you don't have to walk past 50-year-old man picking autopsy a 15-year-old girl every day. >>reporter: now they are about to use a new weapon. what local see someone they suspect of propositioning a prostitute. right wri down the license plate of the car the send the information to the city and the police will write a letter to the car registered owner. >> we are not making any cushion. letter simply says it was reported that the vehicle was in an area that is known for prostitution and just to let the vehicle owner know that it's not safe to do this. not acceptable so they should be careful. >> they are going to have to be surprised and they are going to have to deal with letter. >> do we need to make the guys who are coming here to do this know that this is not okay. you can't come here and treat women like that here. can't treat our neighborhood like that here. it's not acceptabl
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acceptable. and we will tell on you. >>reporter: there will be an element of training for those locals before writing those letters. the program begins on october 1st. in oakland, abc 7 news. seems like everyone wants to get if on the smart phone competition. up fix. see what hewlett packard whitman says data has silicon valley buzzing about a possible new entry. >> bus driver jumped out just before the bus plunges off the bridge in southern california. >> apple store where thieves drove a car in for a smash and grab robbery. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. this weekend coming up. partly warm and partly not so warm. all the details in my accu-weather are are are are are.
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>> now the story we want the to bring you. homecoming for the 4 americans killed in libya. caskets pet by family along with president obama and secretary clinton. more now from martha. >> it was am about his door chris stevens flag draped casket first brought off the cargo plane. u.s. marines making the sad solemn walk to the hangar where the families,
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the secretary, the president waited to honor all of the dea dead. >> 4 americans. 4 patriots. they loved this country. they chose to serve it. served it well. they gnaw the danger. they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. >>reporter: for secretary clinton it was personal. >> i was honored to know ambassador chris stevens. chris won friends to the u.s. in far flung places. he made those people hopes his own. during the refuse lugs in libya he risked his life to help protect the lybian people from a tyrant. >>reporter: she spoke of all those lost when the benghazi consulate attacked by armed militant. shawn smith the technology specialist who leaves 2 young children behind. tyron woods a former navy seal
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the father of 3 little boys. and his fellow former seal glen doherty a beloved son and brother. >> we have seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet individual could that we had nothing to do with. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that because it is senseless. >>reporter: but the message of today was not just of grief. it was resolve. >> so we will wipe away our tears. stiffen our spines and face the future undaunted. >>reporter: apple has won another round in at that time interest dispute with samsung. international trade commission today said apple didn't violent samsung patent if designing the i-pod i-phone and i-pad. last month they won a big verdict
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when jury in san jose said it was samsung that copied key feature of the i-phone. speaking of which the first batch of i-phone 5 is sold out. apple began taking orders at midnight promising delivery in one week. when the new phone goes on sale in stores. now the best they cap promise is delivery in two weeks suggesting demand for the i-phone 5 may stronger than even apple expected. apple stock mean time close to another all time high on gain of 8 dollars a share today. more than 30 dollars a share since tuesday. palo alto hewlett-packard plans to take on a el samsung and others with smart phone of its own. is there room for another competitor. if david take as look. >> the smart phone market is already crowded giving consumer plenty of choices. hp says it wants to jump back in. it acquired palm two years ago early smart phone maker but 10 droptd out of the mark. hp ceo whitman was asked on fox business network if she might
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snap up rim to accelerate reentry into smart phone. >> with to have create our own device and try to take that asset i think is more than we could undertake right now. >>reporter: that suggest hp might use palm web operating system putting it in direct competition with apple i o s, google android and microsoft windows. >> i don't know if we have room for a fourth brand. necessarily. but pishtion you are going to wait and see >> >> wait and see. >>reporter: however some analyst see a big opportunity for hp. >> we have apple. we have got all the android phones all over the place and we have got research in motion which is in trouble. market could use another leader to come in and take control and hp could be that company. >>reporter: hp smart phone would have to be cool because many companies give employee a choice of model or let them use their own. >> if they get a crunchy phone for work stuff and they have got a cool phone that they bought themselves, guess what the work one goes if the drur
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at the end of the difficult and cool phone goes back in the pocket. >>reporter: but hp still has suppliers of printer and computers to business. >> i see hp as computer and printer so i think it's odd but again i would be willing to lack at it and try it. >>reporter: hp will be expand ing into smart phones at the same time it's laying off 29,000 employees. it is apple that like to call this the post p c era. with whitman announcement it's clear the are smart phone as part of the future product mix for hp. this is 7 news. we have lovely weekend in store for us. a little warmer tomorrow even spencer. >> that's true. is in and warm from coast to the inland area and that will probably be the last of this kind of warmth. but it's back. around the end of next week. leif view from the high definition the which camera with we. sutro. yes. looking out over san francisco. lovely view. looking at the bay bridge. downtown san francisco. clear skies over
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the bay. of the inland area and along some coastal stretches as well. look at live doppler 7 hd see we have a little fog up against some parts of the coast license. clear nature. mild one in most locations. cooling down here in the city right now. 56 degrees in san francisco and of course half man bay 55 but we have got 60's just about everywhere else. 57 at santa rosa then mild 71 in antioch and these are our highlights. so we'll see the coast and frog in the throat. fog at the coast and warm inland tomorrow then cooler pattern begins on sunday that will last for a few days. water vapor satellite image show high clouds pass through the bay area today. but what we look at next is major factor in our weather picture. this is developing trough offshore which is going to have a little bit of a cooling influence that means temperatures will begin to drop on sunday and continue this trend through tuesday then by midweek or late week next week we see temperatures bouncing
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back up again. overnight tonight a little fog push locally beyond the coast. across the bay. low pressure mainly in the mid 50's although a little cooler in the north bay valley with low 49 santa rosa 51 at napa. now forecast animation starting 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning show a little fog around in the early morning hours. quickly burn away. giving sunny skies from coast to inland and nice mild to warm day. 60's on the coast. 70's around the bay. 80's to low 90's inland. just wonderful indicate to him. puzzle saturday. in the south bay sunny skies. look for high mainly in the low 80's. 82 at campbell. 80 santa klir. peninsula 76 redwood city. 77 palo alto. 60 at pacifica. 63 half moon bay. downtown san francisco 65 degrees tomorrow. 63 in the sun set district. up in the north bay see high rang ranging up into the low to mid 80's for the most part but way up north ukiah 90. clear lake 91. east bay high 71 in oakland richmond 73 at hayward 76 union city 78 castro valley. inland east bay high in the
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upper 80's to low 90's. yin at danville. 88 concord. 90 at pittsburgh fairfield and walnut correct. 93 at brentwood and intermonterey bay 71 at watsonville. 75 at santa cruz. 90 inland at morgan hill and 88 in gilroy. now lets look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast cooling begins on sunday and we cool down even a little bit more on monday then we hold steady monday through wednesday mid 80's inland mid 70's around the bay by thursday friday right back up to 90 degrees inland and up to about 80 around the bay. so cooling trend or cool down won't last very long. we have a lot more warm coming our way before cool settles in. >> still ahead. new shark sighting off the bay area coast license two in fact. explain why no local beaches closed so far. >> and the space shuttle endeavor ready now for a cross country piggy back ride include spectacular fly by of the pay area. 7 news at 9:00 will be area. 7 news at 9:00 will be right back after this
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into driver of this car accused of smashing it into an apple store in riverside county pleaded not guilty today to attempted robbery. please say he and his gang did a smash and grab last week but got caught as they tried to drive away security gate damaged their car. police rounded them up just few blocks away. >> 2 great white shark were spotted today off the coast of santa cruz county. the shark research foundation took these photo during an aerial patrol of the area. this shark here that you see circle about 12 to 14 feet long spotted near the concrete ship sea cliff state beach. researchers say at one upon the shark came so chose to the marina you could almost touch them. other grit white larger about 16 feet. it was
9:26 pm
spotted stalking dolphins off of this beach. things could be a bit more hectic than usual at sfo next 3 weekend. one of the airport main runway closed for repair from 10:00 o'clock tonight through monday morning. same for the next 2 weekend. construction crew will be extending the runway and installing new light as federally mandated safety upgrade. number of flights on the weekends will be reduced from 60 an hour to just 30. >> final preparation under way for the space shuttle endeavor last voyage which will take it over the bay area on its way to museum in los angeles. today the shuttle was mounted top boeing 747 at nasa kennedy space center. depart on monda monday. by thursday it will make its way through the bay area. endeavor will do a low level fly over move it field in mountain view where the heat shield were developed. lockheed manufactured them. the shuttle will then play over san francisco near the golden gate bridge. should be remarkable sight. >> much more to get to tonight
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on 7 news at 9:00. coming up muni rider who desperately wants to fine the bus driver who found and returned his precious jewelry. >> plus congress puts the brake on government energy give away. no more slin dra bill approved in washington. >> violence mount western >> violence mount western embassy (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters.
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l. >> in gaza jerusalem palestine protestors burned american flag. leader of the mach called on obama administration to poll psychiatrist for the film that ridicule the prophet mohammad. at the top of the newscast protest over the film erupted worldwide. at least 2 people are dead here. 29 injured after an attack on the
9:31 pm
u.s. embassy there. abc news reporter matt mark matthews spoke with a politician about what is going on there. >>reporter: asked the explain the violence we see in the streets here, an economist also a member of the constituent assembly told me free speech only goes so far. >> internationally the rules of the game is laid by everybody together. >>reporter: deputy chair of the finance committee says u.s. should consider limits on free speech. >> i think they should weigh the best interest of america. >>reporter: but at a mosque in san francisco this afternoon muslims going into friday prayers had a very different take. >> what is happening there is wrong. wrong by all means. because our islam stuff like this, our islam is peace. >> unfortunately it's wrong. support the freedom of religion all over the world. >> we don't cross the line in
9:32 pm
other religion. we don't make fun of them so we have the right to have some respect. >>reporter: back at the democracy rising conference at uc berkeley this afternoon an egyptian expert told me the anger at least in cairo has less to do with the movie and more about other issues. >> because of the iraq war and the war in lebanon and war if gaza blame the u.s. for american support for israel there is this very pervasive anger towards the u.s. and it comes out whenever there is an episode of anger even before they know the facts. >>reporter: he says the grass roots nature of the arab spring facilitated by social media is a factor in the spread of violence. there isn't mandela figure to people lack up to and say mandela says this is wrong. there are a lot of people who say it's wrong. we have elected president in egypt who has been saying this is wrong. but how many people will listen to him? l. >>reporter: his belief is
9:33 pm
there aren't many listening. the president of egypt was slow in condemning the violence in cairo. may have contributed to president obama statement that egypt is it's an ally or an enemy. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> in southern california tonight firefighters appear to be getting the upper hand on the wildfire burning in los angeles near the gety center art museum. burning east of the 4 05 freeway in the hills above the pass. 2 super scooper planes dropping water on the fire which broke out shory after 3:30 then moved quickly uphill toward a residential cul-de-sac in belaire hills. no homes have been damaged. the fire has charred about 70 acres so far. very hot in los angeles today. 100 degrees in some parts but officials say this mild winds have allowed firefighters great progress on getting the fire under control. >> also in southern california. transit bus plunged off a bridge over the 110 freeway in
9:34 pm
la this morning. no passengers were on board. that bus broke through a barrier landed below. driver apparently realized the brake were his not working and managed to jump out before the bus rolled off the bridge. >> san francisco muni passenger left his briefcase on his bus ride but he manageed to get it back with everything still inside. now he wants to personally thank that bus driver who took time to could a good deed. we have the story. >> about 4 seconds after i got off the bus and it just started away there is no. >>reporter: michael realize as soon as he stepped off the 27 last thursday he had accidentally left his briefcase on the muni bus. >> my listen top. my wallet. credit cards. check back. medication. >>reporter: and his platinum ring and bracelet and 14 carat of diamond that decorate them. >> i had just gotten a couple of weeks ago a thank you letter from mr. and mrs. obama for one
9:35 pm
of my paint that goes now hangs at the white house. that was unreplaceable. he called the police and filed a report for his valuable but resigned himself to the fact that he would never see them again. then just 5 days later he got a call from mawp i lost and foun found. they had his bag with everything inside even the jewelry. >> i was like amazing. such honesty these days. that driver deserves a rae ward. if i weren't broke i would give her cash, >>reporter: transit agency spokesperson confirm the lost and found case but tells me muni is still working to determine exactly who that good samaritan driver is. >> it's not uncommon for an operator to go an extra mile. to show an act of kindness. a lot of times perception is the other way and for this type of story to come out for an operator like this it's good thing and like to give the operator that credit. >>reporter: as he waits the hopeful reunion other man i riders like san francisco
9:36 pm
resident jill brenner are given hope that his good fortune may some day turn that theirs. >> it's really awesome to see that kind of community. hope would it happen in my case a asally. >>reporter: earlier this evening muni spokesman rose told me they did financially identify the driver. she was driving all day and they couldn't let her know that she is in fact the good samaritan driver once they get a hold of her they will initial 80th a reunion. in san francisco, abc 7 news. house of representatives passed a bill to avoid more solyndra. the fremont solar panel manufacturer that went bankrupt last year. legislation pulls the mug on the program that garren tea loan for clean renewable energy project. solyndra closed the doors shortly after getting half billion dollars in loans from the federal government. lawmakers named the bill not more solyndra act. it's not expected to pass the senate. >> university of california
9:37 pm
will pay damages to 21 students alumni pepper spray by uc davis campus police last year that incident brought wide spread criticism to ask officials after the video posted on line showing uc davis police spraying protestors directly in the faces a they sat there peacefully protesting. university violated the plaintiff civil rights terms of the settlement not made public. federal judge must still review the matter. potentially troubling ruling from the netherlands. court in amsterdam found that linking to infringing content could be infringing itself. the court ordered a dutch news web site to pay 36,000 dollars in legal cost for providing web link to copyright infringing material. the ruling is unusual because company typically sue web site that that illegally publish copyrighted material rather than site that link to them. >> still ahead tonight. there are used cars used clothes used xawters for sale so what about used pace make centers the new
9:38 pm
push tonight at 9:00. >> from hard boil egg make tore the latest gym craze we go in the nerve center that .ransforms the big idea
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>> researchers came up with novel way to save the lives of heart patient. secondhand pace make he. in the autopsy conducted at the university of pennsylvania scientist found one third of the pacemaker and defibrolator had at least 4 year of battery life remaining. those instruments could be recycle in developing country where 1 to two million people die every day because they don't have access to pacemaker pacemakers. >> call it a fairy god mother for every day inventors in north carolina there's a company that is doing something unique. our reporter goes in the brideing ground for
9:42 pm
tomorrow best inventions. >> if you are up late at nature you have undoubtedly seen one of these. >> it's a super snack contraption. >>reporter: infused with cat nip. just add water. just slice. hard boiled means hard work. would knew peeling boiled egg was such a pain. before you roll your eye check out the number. >> about 5 and half million bo boxes. 5 and half million sold at 9.99 a box. >> betsy hated peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg. my not seem big but if there's a 10 dollar solution. >> she had a eureka a moment and took it the a company that turns raw ideas that shelf ready products. how do you know what is an egg and bad egg. >> a locality of products solve just a basic need consumer has. >>reporter: edison nation nerve center is here. teams of designers engineers and marke
9:43 pm
marketers of perfect the next must have product. even a tv show show casing the trials of getting to market. >> inspiration. >>reporter: at the helm lewis foreman an inventor himself who showed me the best of the latest offering. selling me something i didn't know i needed. >> that's what it's all about. not about product you need it's about product you want. >>reporter: with tens of thousands of submissions they are never short of ideas for the next great invention. >> just lick they say everyone has a great novel in them. i think everyone has a great ide idea. >>reporter: everyone thinks they have a great idea. >> yes. but how do you turn a grit idea into a great product? and really at the ownedth day it's about execution. >>reporter: that's exactly what charlie didn't know thousand do. contractor from maui had his moment while he was paddle boarding. he realize while gym are cluttered with tread mill stair climber and exercise equipment galore,
9:44 pm
nothing on the market that mimic working out on the water. >> i had no idea how to make that happen. i had no means to prototype it. i had no means to patent it. >>reporter: he went home and drew this. rough model of stand up paddle board machine and isn't it in. edison green lighted his idea. promising to bring it to market vl 10 months later. charlie arrived in north carolina with his big reveal. this is the hydro-lip particular. edison nation invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in research development taking that simple sketch and turns it into a machine that gives you a real work out. trust me i tried it. it's pretty smooth. do you think you could have made something like this on your ow own. >> not in my wildest dreams. i really don't. >>reporter: edison now shopping the machine to exercise equipment manufacture manufacturer. they and charlie split the listening process 50/50 expected in a gym near
9:45 pm
new the next year. and there's real money to be made. over a trillion dollars of new product are sold each year. at edison no idea is too silly or too simple. they learn that lesson the hard way. >> apparently there are a lot of people would need blanket with sleeves. >> super large one-size-fits-all. >> that product has sold over 500 million dollars. it's approaching 1 billion dollar business. >> snugie that something came out of here. >> it isn't. we did have an insfrentor in the first season come to us with a blank wet sleeves and said it was silly. so that maybe one of our biggest regrets. >>reporter: but they have had far more successes. all from people who just thought now what if. >> don't have to be a p hd or scientist working in a will be to be a great inventor. >>reporter: just ask charlie would writ now is waiting for those checks to roll in. i'm
9:46 pm
in charlotte, north carolina. got to love the eggie too. up next. man who could buy just about any invention he wants. coming up southern california an parlay 1 dollar california an parlay 1 dollar into 120 million looks like it's going to start a so little um, but i uh... (interupting) oh okay - okay yup that's fine. excuse me - sorry.
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pass. >> for the first time in 41 year history alcohol will be served at disney world in florida. beer and wine will be available only during dinner hours at new french restaurant that opens in november. park officials say they are crust doing what park goers have been asking for. by the way disney owns abc 7. >> california newest lottery multi-millionaire claimed his prize today. 55-year-old riverside county resident ronald willis hit tuesday 120 million dollar jack pot with a ticket he bought at his usual
9:50 pm
7-11 in rialto he says he buy 2 tickets with numbers he has chosen and adds in a quick pick. >> calm. sat down. i just thought bit. i was just thinking about it. just thinking about it. i was lick wow! thinks really happening. >> he will take home 92 million dollars if he chooses the lump sum or 4.6 million dollars a year for 26 years. he says he hasn't yet decided which one he wants to do. i really fell for him what a decision. he then needs to decide what he does with all that money. must be nice right spencer. >> he can take his cousin spencer out to lunch or dinner. >> long lost cousin spencer. >> win 1 million dollars gain accuse in. look at the national forecast for tomorrow. rather nice late summer day for most of the nation no extreme in weather wet along the gulf coast and southern plains. temperatures are moderatelying so no heat waves but her in the state of california it's quite hot in
9:51 pm
some spots. look for high in the 90's at chico sack tocht over 100 in fresno and palm springs. 100 in los angeles and 99 san diego. here in the bay area it's warm but not hot. we see sunny skies in the summer spread high of 60 at pacifica. high of 71 at oak land. inland east bay up to 93 at brent wood. wide range of high pressure in the summer that we call the summer spread. here's the 7 day forecast. temperatures start to consolidate down a bit on sunday and we don't get the heat inland until thursday or friday but nice stretch of mild weather sunday through wednesday. >> that looks terrific? nice looking week ahead. >> thanks experience. writ now larry here with the preview of sports. it giants are hanging on. >> the game just ended a few second ago for a's. hosting "star wars"night at the coliseum and double trouble for the o and giants cruising in the o and giants cruising in the
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>> coming up at 11. north bay teenager found dead thousands office miles from home. what investigators think happened at spiritual rae treat in south america. >> keeping the peace at candlestick. police have new strategy for dealing with unruly fans. join us for those stories and much more on 7 news on chapel 7 of course at 11. right now larry is here with baseball action. >> i am here. again the a's and orioles both play off con tend theer opening 3 game series in oakland on "star wars"night. the force is with the a's all season long. i think great. how cute is this. my goodness. that is awe sol. jj the o's on the board first. weird bounce. drew throws not time. 1 nothing o achlts the a's the lead with one swing of the bat. hurt his wrist yesterday looked like he might be out awhile. but this solid
9:56 pm
all year however davis deep and just gone over the wall. 26th of the year for davis. ties the game at 2. back in front bottom 5 the pride of petaluma. to make it 3 a 2 and the a defense sparkle in the game. turn 4 double play. 90thy right there in the seventh. the a's win it by a score of 3-2. giants and d backs that is not a good way to try to get that. get back. foul ball. 2 strike out 5 walk. 3 in the first. lasted only 5 innings however penn helping the teammate out. bases loaded in the third. that up loads them. grand slam 5 nothing g men. giants out of bases loaded no out jam in the sixth. jeremy hits hill swinging. giants get another run in the eighth. santa yaing 0release pitch.
9:57 pm
almost every hits and single in a run right there. giants 6-1 in the 9th. kind of funny. 300 pound person run into each other at full speed but we are talking about what kind of hand shake harbaugh and schwartz will exchange after the play. many of the story lines heading into this subpoenaed tonight game. started last season with harbaugh and his excessive shake and back slap and that almost start the add post game fight. harbaugh and schwartz both intense guys. they have seen each other in the off season and look. lack at schwartz running at davis. don't fight with davis he will break new half. any way it really shouldn't be a big deal at this point but we love to talk about it any way. >> seen him a bunch of times since. bunch of nfl things that go on after the season so when 2 teams take the field, that's not going to be one
9:58 pm
player moon that's the only thing that's important. . >> handshake go at those event events. >> without incident. >> funny. all right huge step newspaper class for the cal football team this weak. they are unimpressive 1 and 1 head nag columbus. face ohio state or buckeye like to say the high state university. buckeye won the last 5 games against cal but this is the first meeting since 1972. in recent years the bears struggle against running quarterback so they have their hands full with rack and miller. on the road with big crowd. cal head coach is ready to get it on. >> fired up for it. fared up to good to columbus. play in that huge crowd and all the tradition is there. it's a great opportunity. great experience for the kids. fired up about it. >> cal and ohio state tomorrow 9:00 a.m. abc 7. navy penn state 5:00 o'clock game
9:59 pm
michigan state then after the game 8:30 p.m. nhl on the verge of another lock out with collective bargaining agreement ending tomorrow night t.neither side will cave. the main issue is money. players opportunity kurnt ly get 57 percent of all revenue and the owner want to knock that down. looks like fans have to endure another lock out. fichlt we want hockey as bad as they do first and foremost i call myself a fan of sports. i watch sports probably more than most people out there so i love watching the game of hockey. love playing the game of hockey. as players we want to play as well. >> they lost the whole season in 04-05. kind of thing you would think they would have learn. clearly not. >> they haven't figured it out yet v. great night everyone. for all of us here, thanks for joining us. hope you will tune in on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7
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